2015 Jul 14 - Jul 25

The lidar was operated in zenith mode and off-zenith modes. The integration time in each direction is 60 sec. New PMTs are used in the zenith and east directions since July 17th, which resuled in signal increast of 50-80%.

Data Download

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Prior permission to access the data is not required. However, the user is required to establish early contact with Prof. Liu to discuss the intended usage. Data are subject to limitations which are not immediately evident to new users. Before they are formally submitted, draft copies of all reports and publications must be sent to Prof. Liu along with an offer of co-authorship to scientists who have provided data. This offer may be declined. The database and ERAU must be acknowledged in all reports and publications, and whenever this data is made available through another database. If you have any questions about appropriate use of these data and the specific wordings of the acknowledgement, contact Prof. Liu.

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